Upcoming Events

Speakers from leading Canadian companies are coming to SLF Toronto this fall.



1. Transformational Leadership for Business  (Workshop)
September 21, 2017  | Centre for Social Innovation, Spadina

In today’s increasingly digital world, technology is changing how people and businesses interact with each other. Team dynamics, business processes, and markets are changing at a rapid pace. Leaders within or of businesses must adapt their approach and develop new skills to remain competitive and lead teams to meeting their business’ goals.

Join other business professionals in a highly interactive workshop that presents a model (DeepLead®) for leadership that can help participants be more successful in evaluating and developing their leadership abilities.



2. Marketing – Corporate Reputation and Canadian Consumers (Panel Discussion)
October 17, 2017 |  Centre for Social Innovation, Bathurst and Bloor

This panel discussion on corporate reputation will offer actionable insights and tips to CEOs and marketers looking to build trust among clients, consumers and stakeholders. Leaders in the discipline of communications will offer insights and advice on their respective industries, including ecommerce, public relations, and senior care facilities management.

The talk will also share the results of Environics Communications’ CanTrust Index, which provides an in-depth snapshot of Canadians’ trust in companies, information sources and leaders.



3. Internet of Things and Big Data as Competitive Advantage (Presentation and Discussion)
November, 2017 | Centre for Social Innovation, Spadina

Integral to establishing and sustaining an edge, it is important for leaders to understand what “Big Data” is, where it comes from, how to handle it, and – most importantly – how to leverage it in their respective companies to compete.  Big Data is a tool companies use to become leaders in their industries; it helps strategic leaders reduce waste, understand their market, and improve productivity.

  • What will the future of Big Data be?
  • Who are the key players?
  • What jobs and businesses will be replaced or created?

Leaders of strategy need to understand big data, its risks and opportunities, and how to integrate it into your strategic planning. This seminar will also discuss current trends in the telecom and smart home industries.



4. Marketing Strategy for the Digital Age
December, 2017 | Presented by Katherine Tmej, Vice-President Marketing of Strategic Leadership Forum Toronto

Social media, mobile apps, and the sharing economy have changed industries in ways no one could have predicted. Digital disruption is happening quicker than ever. This, coupled with generational differences between consumers and increasing regulations on businesses in how they collect, manage, and use information, makes it easy for Marketing Strategy to take a backseat to the details.

In this presentation, participants will learn recent trends in digital marketing, including actionable tools and applicable regulations, such as CASL.


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