Strategic Leadership Forum is a not-for profit, member-driven organization. The success of our programs is the direct result of the volunteer efforts of committee members, SLF board members, and other interested supporters. We share a commitment to build a first-rate forum to discuss and explore leading-edge concepts and trends in the area of strategic leadership.


Levels of Participation:

The Board consists of Executive Board Members, Program Chairs and a few other Directors within the Marketing, Members and IT committees. Program Chairs report to the VP Programming and head up each of the events presented by SLF. Most Program Chairs work with a committee to develop and implement an event.


Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Fun
  • Interpersonal interaction with a community of like-minded professionals
  • Intellectual stimulation / discussion
  • Professional and managerial skills development
  • Professional recognition / consulting credentials
  • Three levels of volunteer participation are possible, depending on your availability and desire to be involved.
  • Members often begin at lower levels of commitment and move up as they become more experienced.


Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Board membership
  • Website Development
  • Program Planning and Execution
  • Membership Acquisition and Retention
  • Sponsorship Development
  • Volunteer Development
  • Councils and Editorial Committees
  • Members to help organize Program Events and Book Club
  • Reporters/scribes – writing for our newsletter, Focus on Strategy
  • Ambassadors and greeters at our events


  1. Leadership Role

Most leadership roles in SLF are either Board or Executive Board positions. Executive board member responsibilities cover the key functions and strategic initiatives of the organization. Executive board members normally have previous volunteer or board experience with SLF, in addition to the executive director’s roles & responsibilities.

  1. Committee Member

Committee members work under the direction of a Board Member to implement SLF programs, functions or strategic initiatives. The level and duration of time commitment will vary depending on the type of event or task at hand. Some committees run all year. Others disband once their event or project has been completed.

  1. Ad Hoc roles

Many members want to get involved at a lower level of commitment. There are many ad hoc roles and short-term opportunities that arise over the course of a year, such as on-site event support and short-term projects. It is helpful to have a list of individuals interested in ad hoc support together with a description of skills.


If you wish to join our active group of volunteers, please contact our Executive Director at membership@slftoronto.com.