Programs are central to the value that members gain from their association with Strategic Leadership Forum.  SLF Programming is designed to engage members in discussion and learning on topics that are diverse, relevant, and necessary for leaders to develop their strategic competencies and knowledge.

From theoretical frameworks to practical applications, SLF programs are individually specific yet, together, provide strategic leaders with a broad knowledge base and network to advance their professional and organizational objectives.

SLF Toronto delivers programming the following types of programs:


Thought Leadership

Our speakers are often senior leaders in large, well-known companies or leading topic experts in academia. These events inivte SLF members and other business professionals to engage in learning, discussion, and networking. These are typically evening, after-work events with light refreshments provided.


Strategy Councils

SLF Strategy Councils are centered on specific themes and help professionals gain insights into how strategic approaches in other industries can be applied in their own organization. Led by experts, this is a great way to build your network and knowledge related to your role, interests, and strategic objectives. Our councils include:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Operations


SLF Socials

SLF Socials invite members and friends to network with an introduction by a senior business leader of Toronto.