VP Memberships – Thom Zaugg

Thom Zaugg Pic Thom Zaugg’s passion is helping companies grow their business from the inside out. He works as a consultant helping companies grow their core business.

Thom was Managing Director of Diebold Canada for 8 years from 2003 and responsible for all of Canadian operations. Thom led the company in delivering highly secure and exceptional uptime of self-service banking for three of Canada’s largest financial institutions and half of the Canadian Credit Unions, as well as security systems for Canada’s largest office complexes, bridges, and art galleries. Under his leadership the Canadian operations grew more than three fold by winning long-term contracts with a value of a half billion dollars.

Thom was a member of three Boards including Diebold Canada. Thom also served as a Board Member for the Strategic Leadership Forum, the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering and political associations at the National and Provincial level in Alberta and Ontario. He was a guest lecturer at the College of Petroleum and Energy Studies, in Oxford England for several years.

Prior to Diebold, Thom was Senior Director at Petro-Canada responsible for Marketing, Development and R&D. Thom successfully established Petro-Canada as the largest specialty oil supplier in the world by upgrading a refinery built to supply fuel for Lancaster bombers of WWII. He held various Senior Management and Strategic Planning roles at Gulf Oil in the Specialty Products and Chemicals Businesses.Thom is a Professional Engineer with a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta. He has a certificate of Executive Leadership from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.